HP Expects PC Business to Retain Top Spot Following Spinoff

Paul Lilly

Todd Bradley, the head man in charge of Hewlett-Packard's Personal Systems Group (PSG), expects HP's PC arm to remain the largest in the world, even after it's amputated or spun off, he revealed in an interview with Reuters . He also expects his division to "be one of, if not the largest customers of all of our major suppliers, be it Samsung to LG to Microsoft to Intel."

Mr. Bradley didn't hold back during the interview, telling Reuters that HP prefers a spinoff to selling its PC division outright to an outfit like Acer, which itself acquired Gateway back in 2007.

"I would just say that the numbers don't support that that strategy works," Bradley said, pointing to Acer posting its first ever quarterly loss.

Nothing will be decided until December when HP's board sits down to decide on a game plan. Most analysts believe a decision to spinoff will win out, but "regardless of what happens, we're the largest PC company in the world," Bradley said. "We need everybody energized, and while this isn't business as usual, we need people to go out and sell products every day."

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