HP Ditches Plans for Android Tablet

Ryan Whitwam

HP has been talking about making all sorts of tablets for delivery later this year, but one by one they seem to be fading away. The newest apparent victim is Android. Sources within the company say that plans for an Android tablet in the fourth quarter have been scrapped . Instead, HP may be directing more effort towards a rumored webOS slate.

HP acquired Palm a few months back, and said they would be “doubling down” on webOS. If there's a place to really make an impact with the Palm technology, it may be tablets. In a few month's time, Android tablets may be a dime a dozen. Making webOS into a viable tablet platform could have long term benefits.

With the lack of definitive news regarding the HP Slate running Windows 7, it looks like HP is trying to narrow their focus. If they're going to keep the iPad from owning the market, that might be a good idea. What OS do you want to see on a tablet? Android, Windows 7, or webOS?

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