HP Denies Shopping Its PC Business

Paul Lilly

There was a rumor floating around saying that HP was entertaining the idea of selling off its PC business, and that Samsung was the most likely candidate to fork over the required cash. This struck us as odd for a couple of reasons. For one, HP's PC business appears to be doing well, and secondly, the OEM recently said all new PCs shipped next year would be capable of running webOS, a decision the company made in order to attract more developers to build apps for the webOS platform. Turns out there was good reason to be skeptical.

According to a report in eWeek , HP officials were very adamant that the OEM is definitely not shopping its PC business, and any rumors to the contrary are simply bogus.

"Irresponsible reporting by Taiwan's Commercial Times, suggesting that HP might sell its PC business, should be dismissed as market rumor and speculation," Bill Wohl, HP's senior VP and CCO, said in a statement. "HP runs the world's largest PC business and it is core to HP's strategy for the connected world."

The Commercial Times report said that HP execs were open to the idea of selling its PC business, and along with Samsung, both Lenovo and Foxconn were mentioned as suitors. But it was all a little bit odd, especially considering that HP claims the lion's share of the PC market at over 19 percent.

Image Credit: thevarguy.com

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