HP Announces 14-inch Android Laptop

Pulkit Chandna

Slatebook 14 not the company’s first Android laptop

If you thought last year’s Android-powered Slatebook X2 laptop was going to end up being a somewhat goofy experiment that HP would be too embarrassed to even acknowledge a year later, you were wrong. Believe it or not, the company, which was once the leading PC vendor in the world, has actually announced an even bigger Android-powered laptop.

The Slatebook 14 is, as is probably apparent from the name, an upcoming 14-inch Android laptop from Hewlett-Packard . Another area where it stands out is in the weight department. Unlike most Android devices, the Slatebook 14 weighs as much as 3.71lbs, although, in all fairness, it is fairly light by laptop standards.

The 16-mm thick Android notebook packs a full HD (1080p) display and a Tegra 4 SoC. Apart from the Google Play Store, prospective Slatebook 14 owners can also look forward to HP and Nvidia Tegra Zone apps.

The $429 Slatebook 14 is slated (no pun intended) to hit the market on August 6, 2014.

Update: We have updated the article to correct the Slatebook 14's pricing. The laptop is priced at $429, not $399 as originally reported.

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