HP and Dr. Dre Team Up for "Let's Do Amazing" Campaign

Paul Lilly

In this week's edition of Extreme Tech Makeover, Hewlett Packard will spend $40 million overhauling its image . Helping them do that is rapper Dr. Dre, who will appear in one of the new ad spots.

"Most people think we are just a printer company," says Michael Mendenhall, HP's chief marketing officer. "Awareness of what we do has not kept pace with [our] expansion."

That expansion includes scooping up companies like Electronic Data Systems and 3Com, and to help push the message that HP is a multi-talented company, the $40 million "Let's Do Amazing" ad campaign will feature several different celebrities. In the one starring Dr. Dre, the rapper talks about how HP rebuilt his PC to make his music sound better. Ad spots like this will help give the company what it lacks, which is "a real differentiation in personality and distinction."

Look for the commercials during high-traffic broadcasts, including the NCAA March Madness championship and series finales of shows like "24."

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