HP Aims to Ship Nearly 50 Million Notebooks in 2011

Paul Lilly

Hewlett-Packard owns the largest share of the worldwide PC market according to the latest data from IDC, and the OEM intends to maintain that No. 1 spot by focusing heavily on notebook shipments.

Citing Taiwan-based ODMs and component makers, DigiTimes says HP reckons it will ship around 45 million to 48 million notebooks in 2011, which also includes WebOS tablet PCs. That's up from a little over 39 million notebooks in 2010, 10 million of which came in the fourth quarter.

HP will also ship a Windows 7-based tablet (Slate 500), but with the acquisition of Palm, it's no big surprise that the company's WebOS slates will dominate its mainstream offerings.

Image Credit: HP

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