How to Repair Your Computer



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Very useful and helpful guide, thanks. I enclose a link of interest, they helped me a lot with my laptop repair:( )



so far, so good!



In addition, a major problem which is not mentioned is when CPU usage reaches 100 %. We get customers who report that their system is running slow and the task manager shows the CPU usage has reached 100 %. To resolve the issue, we need to check and kill the processes which are not in use. We can also check the system Startup under MSCONFIG to stop the programs from loading which are not required during the Windows Startup. This helps the system to run faster and also resolves the booting issues.



With W8.1 installed for about a week ; my desktop would not load Windows. Nothing normally; like System Restore, would work; even thought the Windows blue screen gave me those options.-- Could not even get Safe Mode or use Command Prompt Soo; after restart after restart-- I tapped f8 on start up again and an HP black screen (manufacturer) message came up suggesting I reset to Factory Build (W7), with the options to save ALL current files, photo's and favorites--and it worked! the "downside" is I lost W8--but don't care. This W7 desktop now works better than ever--especially with IE11.



Nice helpful guide. But you missed one annoying USB problem: When a USB 2.0 port thinks it's a 1.0 Port, plus the steps required to re-install the USB Host controller to get it out of it's confused state. also, the USB device not recognized seems to happen mostly with non Intel USB chipsets, namely anything from VIA.

Another thing with Video Cards is, due to shoddy drivers for older Cards from both AMD & Nvidia, Updating to the latest driver may not always be a good idea. Newer drivers tend to just optimized to support the latest games, & often times, cause problems with older games. I have a EVGA GTX 560 on a old ASUS P5G41C-M. The latest drivers cause my mouse pointer to stutter or lock up when Browsing, then the entire computer locks up for about 10-15 seconds & then reboots on its own. Drivers before that caused issued when the driver would randomly display "Stop responding, but has recovered" Messages.
Yet when I use the older v301.42 W7 64bit drivers, all those issues vanish!

AMD is no better. I have Older systems with AGP Cards, & I have encountered AMD Drivers that Blue Screen during installs, go thru the motions of installing, and when you reboot, you find out the drivers were not installed at all! Or drivers that actually Blue Screen during installation or boot up, forcing me to use a Nvidia Card in order to get the system to boot, so I can use other software to remove the AMD files causing the problem, because AMD's FAIL Driver installer cannot uninstall files in Safe Mode. All of these from the AGP hotfix drivers that claim to support the card in question. So, update drivers for older cards at your own risk. If the drivers for your older graphics card works, then don't update unless you really have too. The extra 2-5fps wont be worth the headaches.


John Pombrio

I am right now finding out how to recover files from accidentally removed partitions on 5TB worth of hard drives. PEBCAK, ALWAYS the number one suspect in any computer repair!



Great advice!