How to Get the Most Out of VLC Media Player



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Ghost XFX

Nice Ghost Recon Phantoms plug there, lol.




VLC is one program I will use on very annoying videos that don't want to play, which as of 2008 after the Anime fansub community decided to ditch VLC and switch to a better program called MPC (Media Player Classic) since it was heavily modified and supported by CCCP community.

VLC is the least program to use, if anything, and only those without knowledge would use it. No offense intended.

CCCP website --

Combined Community Codec Package = CCCP

The best video encode is h.264 and the best container is MKV at the present time. VLC doesn't support many codec and video output features that MPC supports as well. Hmm, what else does it lack?

As far as encoding goes, for realtime encoding with just about any plugin you want to name the AviSynth bests everything out there. It also features more options to configure the type of encode you want the video to be.

Chris, if you have the time, dig deep into AviSynth and CCCP please. VLC is a good option for those that have very little understanding of video playback and video encoding and don't care about the quality results or size output.


Philippe Lemay

There is no appreciable difference in playback between VLC and MPC. If you think you can see a difference you're experiencing a confirmation bias. Ask a friend to load up a video in a blind test, have him play the same file, once on VLC and once on MPC (but don't let him show you which is which). I guarantee that in blind tests like this you won't be able to tell which is which.

The only real difference is that VLC is less of a hassle to work with. With MPC you constantly have to play janitor, having to manually install codecs or containers or whatever.



This is totally not true (or at least didn't use to be). On VLC, I've seen encoding errors (temporary pixel bleeding) that simply didn't happen on MPC. In other clips I've seen simply crappier rendering than the same one on MPC. Additionally, I've also seen clips microstutter every now and then that wouldn't happen on MPC tuned.

This information is about 2-3 years old however, they could have improved things since then.

MPC is absolutely more hassle. I highly recommend "Potplayer" for a no-hassle player that plays almost everything properly.



You say that "VLC doesn't support many codec and video output features that MPC supports as well."

Really, how about all these codecs that are built-in to VLC....

Video Codecs MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, SvQ1, SVQ3, DVDv, WMV1, WMV2, WMV3, DVSD, MJPG, H263, H264, theo, IV20, IV40, RV10,cvid, VP31, FLV1, CYUV, HFYU, MSVC, MRLE, AASC, FLIC, QPEG and VP8.

Audio Codecs mpga, mp3, mp4a, a52, vorb, spx and flac.

To get MPC to work you have to install all the codecs you need.

And BTW, I use VLC to watch fansubed anime with no problems. As a matter of fact I haven't had any problems with any video I've thrown at it.






I'll definetely take a look at AviSynth and CCCP. Thanks for the comment!



It would have been nice to see an well explained tip on running BluRay disks with VLC. I have not had success on the tips found on other sites, or maybe I am just doing something wrong.



I've seen some pretty wonky results trying to rip a movie with VLC.

But I love the program. It does almost everything very very well.



I've been using Media Player Classic HomeCinema for my video needs but I like the tips for VLC as MPC-HC is strictly Windows Only while VLC works on everything and I should get more comfortable with it.

I only wish that there were a way to truly play BD without having to go through the crappy PowerDVD software. I've tried AnyDVD, which is a COLOSSAL ripoff at the prices charged, and all it does is allow me to watch the BDs without ripping the files but it has absolutely no menus and puts all of the disc's content into one gargantuan, impossible-to-navigate-effectively "file". Ripping the BD is slower, but much cheaper and more convenient.

The BD drm is so bad that I'd rather use DVD but the low res just doesn't work for me.



VRMbasic. I use AnyDVD Ripper which I highly recommend. It rips BDs, DVDs and CDs the way you want it. It extracts every single thing on the discs as well.

For video playback, go with CCCP ( Uninstall the MPC that you have and install the CCCP that's in there. CCCP includes an MPC-HC to use so that's no problem.

If you go to View > Options > Output .. you will have few DirectShow Video. I recommend going with Haali Video Renderer, Enhanced Video Renderer (custom) or madVR. The last two options are recommended for computers with an i3 or better CPU.

To perfect the subtitles in the MPC-HC, go to View > External Filters > ADD FILTER and look for DirectVobSub and add it in there. Apply all settings, close MPC and start it back up again.




Have you tried upconverting your DVDs with Power DVD? It makes a huge difference in some cases.



Thanks for this article.


Bullwinkle J Moose

For Fullscreen screencaps @ 1080p, I use printscreen when playing homemade videos in VLC so I can get screencaps at a full 30fps
You may need to slow the video down when using internal graphics for this to work

If the caps are all blacked out within the video, go to>
and set Output to Open GL in Windows if Auto doesn't capture the video frame

Does anyone know how to play 16:9 movies automatically without setting aspect ratio for each individual movie?



Yeah, I too heard it's spyware, just like Windows 7 and 8! How could you possibly support a spyware program like this?



I wouldnt use VLC, its spyware and tracks your every move. Why would you support this spyware?


Bullwinkle J Moose

Ooh Good Call Guys...

Im switching to ShadyVid 0.17 Beta

They sound Legit



I have nothing against VLC, no doubt it is a great player. Sure it does have neat features like converting videos or setting up movie as wallpaper (Thanks for reminding me, I miss the dreamscene from vista, gotta hack my win7 to enable it.) But, I prefer media player classic.

VLC and MPC missing one feature I have been looking for in a single player which Transcoding and Casting to smart TV. Sure I can use Universal Media Server, but it would be great if VLC or MPC support DLNA casting.



How about the LAN features of Video LAN Player (streaming). I use it as a media player for video, but I've never really dug into the capabilities of the software. I 'might' use such features if I cared to look into them. For my needs right now that would be a solution looking for a problem. Still it would be neat to see what it's capable of.

I'll change out the theme/skin of it now that I see it's not much effort. As much as I appreciate the nostalgia of the Windows 95 interface look it is a bad frame for windowed-mode movie playback.

Thanks for the list.



I've also relied on VLC's streaming capabilities before. I have a desktop that has a broken DVD drive. So any time I want to play a CD or DVD (using the desktop's large monitor and powerful speakers), I put the disc in my laptop, set up VLC to stream the content, and use VLC on the desktop to play it.

I suppose I should get around to buying a new optical drive though...