How Will CES be Affected by the Recession?


In this tough economy just about everyone is feeling the strain. Car companies, internet business and the computer manufacturing industry have all felt pressure from the dwindling U.S. dollar, and because of this it’s expected that CES won’t be the monument that it has been in previous years.

CES 2009 is reporting that only 130,000 people will be attending this year’s show, down from the 141,000 that attended last year. The exhibitors aren’t showing up with the same force either, down from last year’s 3,000 to 2,700. Supposedly, there’s still plenty of room left at some of Vegas’ more convenient hotels, something that was blasphemy in past years.

It’s expected that this year’s show will mostly contain green gadgets, aimed at a frugal crowd. Items such as netbooks and OLED displays are expected to dominate just about every booth.

Image Credit: CES

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