How To Permanently Turn Off G+ Personal Results In Google Search

Brad Chacos

Two days ago, Google started mixing Google+ connections with general search results . Pics, photos, shared links, posts, authored articles – if someone in your Circles shared something related to what you’re looking for, it shows up in your search results. Google calls it “Search Plus Your World;” I call it annoying. When the first page of results is dominated by “Personal Results,” that’s a problem. And to make it worse, Google doesn’t exactly make it easy to turn the “feature” off for good.

The “Hide Personal Results” button on the search page is a temporary solution but the problem rears its ugly head again the very next time your search for something. If you’re drowning in useless search results suggested by your 2000-plus Circle buddies, here’s how to swing the Personal Results banhammer permanently in less than 15 seconds.

First saunter over to, then open up your options by clicking on the gear icon in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. Select “Search Settings” from the list of options. ( If you have a customized iGoogle setup, get to the classic Google homepage by selecting the gear icon, then the "Classic Home" option. You can return to iGoogle after disabling Personal Results. Thanks to Ghost6007 and Frances the Mute for pointing this out in the comments! )

Scroll down until you see the Personal Results options. By default, “Use personal results” is selected. Click the “Do not use personal results” bubble.

Now, just click “Save” at the bottom of the screen and you’ll never be bothered by those annoying and only tangentially on-topic Personal Results again! We’re interested in hearing what you think, though: do you like the inclusion of G+-related Personal Results in your everyday searches, or are you on your way to disable the feature right now?

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