How to make an internal USB adapter


Ever get an internally mounted bay gizmo that gives you an external USB plug? That forces you to route the cable through the inside of the case and back outside where it can plug into a USB port. Why not just include a cable that lets you plug it directly into the USB header inside the case? Well here’s a nifty cheap way to make your own adapter.

If you’re like me, you have a pile of those external USB brackets that come with motherboards. One side plugs into the USB header inside the case and the other side is mounted to an add-in slot. Most power users never use these adapters because the boards have plenty of USB ports already and few of us actually have enough empty add-in slots between all the add-in cards we’re running.

To get your free adapter, take the unused USB adapter cable bracket thing out. If it has a metal bracket that’s attached with screws you’re in luck. Just unscrew the metal bracket and separate it from the USB plug.

On cables that have Firewire ports and USB ports, just separate the two by cutting the zip tie that holds them together. If the actual Firewire and USB ports are in the same piece of plastic, just hacksaw them apart. Of course, make sure the USB header and the connector are correctly wired before you use it, but these days, most vendors have standardized on the ports.

Now just plug your front bay USB adapter in and run the other to your motherboard.

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