How to get the Windows 7 Public Beta

Justin Kerr

Ever since the Windows 7 public beta went live yesterday , Microsoft servers have been buckling under the demand. The much coveted ISO files and CD keys have had somewhat sporadic availability, but as always can be had if you know where to look. Luckily for you, we’ve kicked over every stone to bring you everything you’ll need to get started.

I recommend when surfing through the links that you fire up Internet Explorer, as you will likely run into the same problems I did using Firefox or Chrome. If you manage to use the official beta site in fact, you will require an IE specific ActiveX control to be installed. So if you’re looking for a copy of Windows 7, and are ready to begin, follow along below.

Step #1 – Get Yourself a Beta Key

-      The steps were detailed in a blog entry which allows you to access key’s via . Simply follow the link and log in using the sign in option in the top right corner. It will ask you for your tech net user name and password, but I was successfully able to do this using my Windows Live ID.

-       Next simply copy and paste the following link into your active window

Windows 7 32-Bit Key:

Windows 7 64-Bit Key:

-       Finally, just copy down the CD key for use during installation.

Step #2 – Download The Beta

-      The official download site seems to come and go, but here are some deep links to the file which seem to be working even through the disruption.

Windows 7 32-Bit Beta Download

Windows 7 64-Bit Beta Download

Remember to back up your data before giving this a try and it’s probably not best to run this on your primary machine. The beta key’s are supposedly valid until August 2009 and should give you a good preview of what is to come.

Let us know what your impressions are of Windows 7.

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