How To Disable Google+ Notifications

Brad Chacos

Google+ is kind of like Darryl Hannah in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman: sexy, wealthy, and growing at an exponential rate. The search giant's stab at social media brings a lot of really cool things to the table, like the almost-BBS stylings of Stream, the almost-RSS approach to Sparks, and the oh-so-awesome video chat power of Hangouts. As nifty as the service is, there's one thing we abso- freakin '-lutely hate about Google+; the inbox flood that comes with it. Hey Google, we don't need an email notification every time somebody comments on a Stream thread!

Google+'s inbox flood in action

Until Google gets the message, you only have a few options available in the fight against the G+ flood. You could set up a complex system of filters, folders and junk mail tags, but it's a lot easier to simply disable the notifications. The method isn't very obvious on Google+, but we'll lay it out for you here.

The Process

Sign in to your Google+ account to start the process. Once you're logged on, click on your name on the right-hand side of the Google notification bar at the top of the screen. Click on "Account Settings."

A face only a mother could lov... erm, tolerate

On the Google Accounts screen, click on "Google+" in the column on the left side of the page. A Google+ notification-free inbox is so close, you might even be able to taste it.

The Google+ option is to the left of your picture

Scroll down the page of Google+ options and uncheck the boxes next to each option under the "Receive Notifications" header. You'll can fine-tune whether or not to receive email notifications whenever certain post, Circles, photo and Huddle criteria are met. The settings automatically save after you make any changes.

Remove the check in each box to disable email notifications completely

And that's it! Kick back, relax and enjoy your Stream, secure in the knowledge that your clean GTD-inspired inbox will never again be sullied by a flood of Google+ notifications.

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