How Similar are Android and iPhone Users?

Ryan Whitwam

The Android platform is growing in popularity now that a multitude of phones running Google’s open-source software are available. Recent comScore and Complete surveys aimed to determine how much Android users had in common with users of the massively successful iPhone. As it turns out, users of the two platforms behave in much the same way .

As far as mobile media use, the number of people that used the browser, apps, social networking, and IM were within a few percentage points of each other. Only in the area of email use did the iPhone come out ahead, 87% of users to only 63%. This is surprising considering Android’s tight integration with Gmail. Notably, this data was gathered before the release of the Motorola Droid.

Even in the area of app usage, where the iPhone can claim the award for most massive app catalog, the differences are minor. The slight majority of iPhone users and about 44% of Android users spend at least half their time using applications other than the browser. On other smartphone platforms, that number of more like 20%. Applications have been key to the iPhone’s success. Even with the smaller user base and application market, usage patterns are similar on Android.

One final similarity that illustrates the public awareness of Android is that of people in the market for a smartphone, 17% planned to get an Android handset, while 20% planned to get an iPhone. This is certainly much closer than a few months ago.

Image via eMarketer

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