How Often Do You Replace Your PC?

Paul Lilly

As power users, we rarely, if ever, follow the same path as mainstream users do. We build our PCs from scratch, we know what technology to invest in and which ones to avoid, and rather than wait for our rigs to require a complete overhaul, we keep things running smooth with well timed upgrades. But even so, every once in awhile we reach the end our ropes where it makes more sense to start from scratch than to plug in more parts to an aging system. According to a new study, that time typically comes around every four and a half years.

Crucial commissioned a survey of 3,000 computer users living in th U.S., U.K., and France in January 2011 and found that, on average, PC users get the four-year itch when it comes to replacing their existing systems. Other findings from the study:

  • Most PC owners think their computers should last "much longer" than 3 years
  • Almost half of the respondents have no clue how much RAM is in their system
  • The No. 1 irritant PC users have with their computers is "slow speed"

As you know, Crucial makes RAM, and the self-serving study is being used to convince people that a RAM upgrade can inject new life into an aging machine. And while that's true, we're more interested in learning what your upgrade habits are. Specifically, how often do you overhaul your system? Do you plan strategic upgrades along the way? Let us know in the comments section below!

Image Credit: Crucial

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