How Much do Programmers get Paid?

Maximum PC Staff

Software programmers make the virtual world go round, but just how much do they get paid? This is what the guys over at set out to answer, and the results might just surprise you.

As you might expect coming up with a number to this question is somewhat complicated given how diverse the industry is, but it also varied wildly based on where you live. A Colorado based programmer for example will likely top out around $150,000 per year, but drop the same guy down in Silicon Valley and he could rake in as much as $198,000. This could be partially attributed to the vastly different cost of living between the two areas, but then again Silicon Valley has always had an endless hunger for programming talent.

Here are a few other samples from the report complete with fancy job titles.

We highly recommend checking out the full article for more.

- Programmer lead with 10-plus years of experience -- $99,666
- Technology expertise: Extranets -- $100,566
- Education: Doctorate degree -- $101,647
- State: Virginia -- $102,773
- Major metro area: San Jose -- $114,450
- Computer and mathematical occupations -- $77,230
- Computer programmers -- $74,900
- Software developers, applications -- $90,410
- Software developers, systems software -- $97,960

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