Homeless Doesn't Mean Offline


The Wall Street Journal reports on the increasing numbers of homeless computer users. While some resort to familiar solutions such as using computers set up in shelters or at public libraries, others carry their own laptops and external hard disks, and some even generate their own electricity or connect their units to car batteries to keep their systems running. Cybercafes, sympathetic friends, and "hidden" locations in public places that offer AC power and wireless access are some of the methods used to stay online.

Except for where homeless users run their systems and make online connections, they're not much different than those of us using PCs at home or at the office: PCs are used for news, information, and entertainment, social networking, advocacy, and jobhunting. As one homeless user puts it: "You don't need a TV. You don't need a radio. You don't even need a newspaper, but you need the Internet."

If you had to hit the streets, what would you give up before you gave up your PC? If you're a PC nomad, what are your favorite ways to stay powered up and online? Hit Comment and share your thoughts.

Detail of image by Brian L. Frank for the Wall Street Journal .

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