Homeland Security Agent Unable to Explain Domain Seizure Standards



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I still download movies and music it's free and if i do not like a

movie are a cd i can delte it and not feel bad about it. Unlike if pay

20+ dollars for a DVD and under 15 for a CD i will not be wasting

my money



This is what happens when the goverment has way to much power.. Stop the goverment from doing this crap...



Please consider watching these LEGALLY FREE videos that explains how and why the banks/corporations control the government, law enforcement, FBI/CIA and Homeland Security. You'll be able to educate yourself and to summize that we aren't as free as we think we are...we are all being controlled by some very wealthy and powerful people.

The videos are available on YouTube as well as Bittorrent:

- Zeitgeist

- Zeitgeist Addendum

- Zeitgeist Moving Forward

- The End of America (you can add "Naomi Wolf" as an optional search query)

Corporations are attempting "take down' notices on YouTube by claiming that they OWN copyright on these videos when they don't, but no one can censor BitTorrent (which is interesting considering the US is considering a national internet kill switch).

Watch them and you make your own decisions on the topics. You can legally burn copies of these videos and distribute them as widely as you can. Remember to seed.



Much like extremely toxic chemicals, domains with little commercial value are easy to regulate (or seize) and those with a lot of commercial valve are hard to regulate.



As far as I'm concerned DHS and all the similar agencies are useless!

Want proof?

Here is proof -


Write something about that!


Bullwinkle J Moose

This is a related topic but also covers the FBI as well


Every time this AMERICAN tries to report ACTUAL Terrorism related crimes to the FBI or the Dept of Homeland Security, the report simply dissapears and no follow up is ever made

He can't even post these phoncalls on the Internet for the World to hear without being arrested for violating U.S. Law

It's a good thing that the calls can be recorded and posted in Canada or you would never hear about any of these posts that repeatedly get censored and deleted from American Forums

Will America be the next EGYPT?

Will I be arrested for linking to this or will it just be deleted or censored?



World's longest sentence fragment:

A site that happens to link to a pirated video stream, that can be scrubbed from the Internet easily, cheaply, and to the cheers of the content owners.



They are at the beck and call of big business; the big players in the entertainment industry in this case. And since the law passed allowing anonymous corporate donations to politicians in any amount, I doubt it will change.



What the hell does homeland security have to do with downloads of movies and songs?

Yeah, it sounds like the Department of Homeland Security is becoming the entertainment industry's private Gestapo. And I thought we were being protected from terrorists with WMDs.

Our government is so full of shit.



It almost seems like that



Take out the word "almost" and you will have it correct.



Thinking like this is why our country is falling behind the rest of the world.



Listening to your country thinking like this is why my country is falling behind the rest of the world too. By "my country", I mean Canada and our incredibly talented Prime Minister Stephen Harper.



HAHA, you mean the one we picked for you? He will do everything we (the US) ask him to.  He'll start with your Nationalized health care, then hand us all of your natural resources!  Thank, eh!

On a serious note, good luck.  Harper is a bad egg that Canada needs to get out of office - the guy has been bought and paid for.