Holiday Sales Spree Leads to Xbox 360 Shortage

Paul Lilly

Get ready to step into the hot tub time machine and warp back to late 2005, when the Xbox 360 was new and in short supply. Now just over 5 years old, the console could again be in short supply in the coming months, and so could the Kinect, Microsoft warns .

According to InformationWeek, Microsoft moved 1.9 million Xbox 360 consoles in December alone, with the recently launched Kinect motion control system playing a big role in hitting that number. As a result, Microsoft unloaded inventory in December that was earmarked for January and February.

"In order to keep up with holiday demand in December for Xbox 360 and Kinect, Microsoft pulled units from its January and February production," a company spokesman said.

Microsoft launched the Kinect in November and sold more than 2.5 million units in the first 30 days. Pretty much everyone who wanted one was able to get one, but that won't necessarily be the case for the next couple of months.

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