Hitachi Ultrastar 7K4000 4TB Review



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I was a bit late to rant at the fail in putting these into the "Dream Machine". It might not have been nearly as a blatant fail as loading the thing up with God's own GPUs (and thus needing water cooling that is only going to be wasted) and then crippling it with only two monitors, but it was bad.

A better idea would be more 2-3T drives and RAIDing them up (the more the merrier*). If you are serious about storage put them in a NAS array so you can use XFS (Solaris or BSD required), possibly using an ITX+low profile card mounted internally if that is required to keep "dream box" status intact.

*I doubt that the "RAID 5 isn't enough" condition will be met with "NAS RED" grade drives without sending the budget even higher than it is with these 4T drives, but the NAS+XFS solution makes arbitrary numbers of backup disks trivial.


Bullwinkle J Moose

The performance chart seems confusing at best

Best scores are bolded???

Why does the drive with "none" of the best scores above have the highest PCMark Vantage Score?

Why does the drive with the highest Read/Write and Burst speed have the 3rd highest PCMark Vantage score?

Things like that



A quick scan of the chart would indicate to me that bold scores are best.


Patrick Rothermel

Well....I hope this Hitachi is more "durable" than the other Hitachi drives I've owned in the past. I've had to replace everyone of my Hitachi drives in the past, due to mechanical failures. Just my experiences.



All hard drives fail eventually. I've had both WD and Seagate drives fail, so now I just buy whatever is the cheapest and make sure to have it all backed up all the time, both locally and in the cloud. 



I've had a lot of problems with Seagate with a lot of them falling right off the bat and eventually the ones that worked have all but one of them failed while all my WD are all working perfectly. Just last week I lost my second 500GB Seagate drive. I find Seagate hard drives a cheap as the Maxtor brands they've acquired 8 years ago.



I still get shivers thinking about those Hitachi’s Deskstars.



Wow, that was back in the day. We called them "deathstars" lol