Hitachi Launches Hard Drive Line for Set-Top Boxes


It used to be that if you wanted to record television or stream media into your living room, you'd need to fumble around with a home theater PC (HTPC). That's still an option -- and a good one -- but no longer necessary. There are a host of set-top boxes that promise everything from Netflix streaming to DVR functionality, and everything in between.

Hitachi hopes to capitalize on this semi-recent trend with the introduction of its 3.5-inch CinemaStar 5K2000 and 2.5-inch C5K750 drive families.

The CinemaStar C5K750 family ships in 500GB, 640GB, and 750GB capacities with a 375GB per platter design. They're Hitachi's first Consumer Electronic (CE) drives with Advanced Format technology, which increases physical sector sizes from 512 bytes to 4096 bytes.

Meanwhile, the CinemaStar 5K2000 family ships in both 1.5TB and 2TB capacities with a 667GB per platter design. According to Hitachi, these drives run nearly silent, and combined with lower power consumption, this makes them ideal for DVR and other set-top box applications.

Image Credit: Hitachi

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