Hitachi and Intel Join Forces to Develop Breakthrough Performance SSDs

Maximum PC Staff

As the memory competition continues to heat up, unlikely alliances will forge . Thanks to a joint press release , Hitachi and Intel have recently announced that they’ve signed a development agreement in order to create breakthrough performance enterprise-class SSDs.

They’ll be off to a running start too, thanks to Intel’s already deep foothold in SSD technologies. Their NAND flash memory already allows for extremely high operating rate and according to Randy Wilhelm, VP and GM of Intel NAND Solutions Group, “The new solid-state drives for the enterprise include a number of architectural breakthroughs and improve performance and energy usage models that will change enterprise computing.” He continued,  “Intel and Hitachi GST share a common objective in delivering SAS/FC products based on solid-state technology that will help enterprise customers meet the skyrocketing demands for performance while reducing space, power and cooling costs.”

It’s expected that these drives will be available sometime in early 2010, and will be sold exclusively through Hitachi.

Image Credit: Hiatchi, Intel respectively

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