Hisense Announces 55-inch Ultra High Definition 4K TV for $1,999

Paul Lilly

Holiday season may be highlighted by 4K TVs

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Hisense introduced its aggressively priced 55-inch XT880 4K Ultra High Definition Smart TV for $1,999. That may not exactly fall into the "affordable" category for most shoppers, but it wasn't all that long ago when two-grand was the going rate for a regular TV of the same size. These days that gets you a 65-inch or 70-inch Full HD 1080 LED, or in this case, a 55-inch 4K panel.

It's not such a bad deal if you're willing trade physical screen real estate in exchange for a higher resolution and more densely packed pixels. You're on your own for finding 4K content, though with there starting to be more 4K hardware in the wild, an influx of higher resolution content may not be too far behind.

In addition to native 4K support, the XT880 has built-in Wi-Fi, an Opera web browser, four HDMI/HDCP inputs (one of which is true UHD), USB Digital Media Player, a collection of apps preinstalled (Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Vimeo, Pandora, Twitter, Facebook, Picasa, and AccuWeather), and three 15W speakers.

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