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HIS Radeon HD 5870

At A Glance


Typically excellent HD 5870 gaming performance; bundled toolkit; less bulky packaging


Only a two year warranty; toolkit bundle from Newegg only

It even comes with the tools to install it

HIS is based in Hong Kong, but its cards are readily available in U.S. outlets. They often cost slightly less than the competition, but that’s not the case with the company’s Radeon HD 5870, which is priced the same as its competitors. When we first unpacked the card, we thought it was the lesser HD 5850 model, due to its relatively compact packaging.

In our benchmarks, the HIS HD 5870 turned out excellent scores across the board, easily beating the fastest previous single-GPU champ, the EVGA 285 GTX SSC. It also pumped out the highest score in the 3DMark Vantage Performance test, although, again, margins were small.

If you buy the card from online retailer Newegg, it ships with a compact toolkit, which has bits and accessories useful for working on PCs. That, and the somewhat greener packaging, separate HIS from the competition. On the other hand, the two-year warranty looks a little anemic next to the XFX limited lifetime warranty.

Overall, the HIS Radeon HD 5870 is a stock Radeon HD 5870 with that GPU’s impressive performance, a relatively wimpy warranty, and a moderately useful toolkit. If you’re the kind of user who upgrades to the latest graphics cards every year, then this card is worth considering, particularly if the price comes down a bit.

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HIS Radeon HD 5870

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