HighPoint Goes Crazy with 20Gbps USB 3.0 PCI Express RocketU Card

Paul Lilly

Storage solutions and HBA (Host Bus Adapter) specialist HighPoint Technologies just let us know about its new RocketU 1144A, which is a four-port USB 3.0 add-in card. That in and of itself isn't terribly exciting, but it just so happens that this particular model is the industry's first/only four-port PCI Express Gen 2 x4, 20Gbps USB 3.0 SuperSpeed HBA. That's right, this thing packs four dedicated USB 3.0 ports, each one capable of a full 5Gbps for 20Gbps total.

"Conventional USB 3.0 HBA's impose a performance bottleneck on multi-drive configurations, limiting transfer rates to 5Gb/s. Such controllers limit the potential of today’s high-speed SSD’s and external RAID enclosures," HighPoint explains. "HighPoint has capitalized on recent advances in USB 3.0 connectivity, and has made 5Gb/s per-port performance a reality. No longer limited to the convenience of plug-and-play, USB 3.0 has emerged as a truly viable option for today’s high-speed SSD and hard drives."

Taking aim beyond the general home consumer crowd and targeting professionals, high-performance PCs, and workstations, the RocketU 1144A is best utilized for high-speed external USB 3.0 SSDs and RAID setups that can benefit from this type of multi-port performance. Best of all, it costs less than a C-note with an MSRP of $89.

HighPoint's RocketU 1144A is available now. We're working on getting our hands on one for testing, so keep your eyes peeled for a future impression.

Image Credit: HighPoint

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