High Tech Sneakers for People with Alzheimer's Sport GPS Tracking

Paul Lilly

A new shoe with GPS technology is being pitched as a wearable tracking device to help caretakers keep tabs on patients who suffer from Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The kicks have a tracking device nestled into the right sole, along with a GSM/CDMA antenna that extends up behind the heel, all of which is hidden out of sight and implemented in such a way that the wearer won't feel them.

All Things D discovered the high-tech footwear, which is made by shoe company Aetrex with GPS technology provided by GTX Corp.

"The Aetrex GPS Shoe is the most ground-breaking product containing GPS tracking technology designed to help protect individuals afflicted with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia who have a tendency to wander and become lost," Aetrex explains .

Caretakers can track and locate she shoes' wearers at any time using an interactive tracking website, provided they're enrolled in a $35/month tracking plan that updates location information every 30 minutes. For an extra $5/month, the shoes will update the wearer's location every 10 minutes. The shoes themselves run $300 and are made of full grain leather with a polyurethane outsole.

Image Credit: Aetrex

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