HGST's 1.2TB Ultrastar C10K1200 is Highest Capacity 10K RPM Hard Drive

Paul Lilly

The enterprise-class Ultrastar C10K1200 sports a SAS 6Gbs interface.

Western Digital's HGST (formerly Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) subsidiary today unveiled what it claims is the world highest capacity 10,000 RPM hard drive, the Ultrastar C10K1200 . As a capacity extension to HGST's C10K900, the newest model is another enterprise-class hard drive with a SAS 6Gbps interface and 64MB cache buffer, but with 1.2TB of storage served up at 10,000 RPM.

HGST rates the drive at 2 million MTBF (mean time between failure) and says it's a suitable solution fo 24x7 enterprise applications, such as data mining/analysis, business processing, and timely delivery of data-intensive content-on-demand, including multiple channels of streaming video.

"The Ultrastar C10K1200 drive includes a host of industrial-strength technologies designed to maximize reliability for mission-critical workloads. Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) motors deliver a low acoustic rating and improved data integrity, while Rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS) technology anticipates and counteracts disturbances that can occur in multi-drive configurations," HGST says . "In addition, the Ultrastar C10K1200 uses HGST-patented head load/unload ramp to minimize integration induced drive damage."

It's a 2.5-inch hard drive with 40 recording zones, 8 physical data heads, and 4 platters. It has a 4.6ms seek time (typical) and sips 6.7W during use (3.7W when idle).

The Ultrastar C10K1200 started shipping today. No word on price.

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