HGST Unveils World's First 1.8TB 10K RPM Drive

Paul Lilly

High capacity and high performance

No, it's not likely that you're going to pick up HGST's new 1.8TB hard drive for your build, not unless you're erecting a data center. While we've moved on to solid state drives at home, enterprise customers still have a high level of interest in certain mechanical hard drives due, in part, to the price-to-performance ratio. It's those customers that HGST is targeting with its Ultrastar C10K1800 HDD .

The Ultrastar C10K1800 is a 2.5-inch enterprise-class drive intended for mission-critical storage applications that require 24/7 availability. In addition to a 10K RPM spindle speed, the new drive sports a next generation 12Gbps SAS interface, HGST's media cache architecture (provides up to a 2.5X boost in random write performance and 23 percent improvement in sequential performance over previous generation drives), advanced format options, improved power savings, and a host of security and encryption options.

"Our customers continue to contend with explosive data growth, balancing disparate application loads, while needing to improve data center space and power efficiencies," said Brendan Collins , vice president of product marketing, HGST. "By fusing unmatched capacity with ultimate performance in the same drive, the Ultrastar C10K1800 offers the optimal balance of capacity, performance and cost. We expect our customers to use the Ultrastar C10K1800 with a complement of SSDs and 15K performance HDDs in tiered pools of storage."

HGST has already begun shipping the Ultrastar C10K10800 , which is being qualified by select OEMs. FIPS certified models will available in January 2015.

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