Hey Look, PC Gaming Alliance Forums are Now Live



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The would not let me register. They told me that maximumpc.com and/or Macimumpc was an illegal referral. (For that matter it wouldn't accept blank either.)
Either way if they don't recognize Maximum PC I don't recognize them!



I registered. This might be fun. Here's hoping they don't crash and burn.



This really needs to happen - I really hope the PCGA is up to the job. Consoles benefit from the massive hype machinery operated by the likes of Sony and Microsoft. Those efforts are successful enough that a casual observer might think PC gaming was dying, which is just about the opposite of the truth.

So who speaks for PC gaming? It used to be Microsoft, but they've snubbed the PC gaming community, in favor of their darling Xbox. Valve? They're doing some great work... but face it, they don't *speak* at all, if they can avoid it. I don't even see their name on the PCGA members list.

In fact, I don't see a lot of key names on that list. For instance, AMD and Intel are there, but not Nvidia. Let's hope the PCGA can get things mobilized; there's a lot of work that needs doing.


John Pombrio

Lord, please let them have Moderators that can kick off users and delete useless posts. If I don't see one more picture of SONY pwning MS, I will die happy.


The Mac

No one ever reads the rules. I usually dont either, but it was one of 3 posts currently available


Absolutely no console talk.

but well see if they enforce it.



Little late to the party, but they came nonetheless, so kudos to them!