Hey Look, PC Gaming Alliance Forums are Now Live

Paul Lilly

Another online hangout for gamers

It can be difficult to establish yourself in online communities that already exist, and if you've always dreamed of being part of one from the very beginning, here's your chance. We just received an email from the PC Gaming Alliance letting us know that the non-profit organization has flipped the switch on its new forums . In addition to being one of the first members of what's surely to be a growing community, you might also want to pop in from time to time to share your thoughts on PC gaming and what the PCGA is up to.

The PCGA was founded with the intent of providing an open forum where companies can cooperate to develop and promote solutions in the best interest of PC gaming. It gives PC gamers a collective voice and is made of up of members that include Dell, Corsair, Intel, AMD, Epic, Capcom, Razer, GameStop, Digital River, Arxan, Logitech, PyxelArts, Qualcomm, and the EMA.

In regards to the web forum, topics are wide open,

"In the PCGA forums you can talk about everything from different games, to hardware and software, to the politics and business tha go into the industry," PCGA explains.

It's a pretty clean layout at present, with nine sub-forums spread out over four categories. That said, we'd be remiss not to mention that Maximum PC has its own forums as well, and so does our sister gaming site, PC Gamer .

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