Hey Android Users, Want Some Ice Cream Sandwich with Your Raspberry Pi?

Paul Lilly

The folks responsible for Raspberry Pi have already concocted a delicious, inexpensive recipe for micro-sized computing, but the project is about to get even tastier with the introduction of one more ingredient: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Raspberry Pi's developers are working on porting ICS to its $35 device and have "been making great progress" towards that end.

"Hardware-accelerated graphics and video have been up and running smoothly for some time; AudioFinger support is the only major missing piece at the moment," Raspberry Pi's developers stated in their most recent blog post .

There are other issues to work through as well, but it's all coming along nicely. The developers said that this particular implementation uses a different kernel and VideoCore binary image than the one that's available on GitHub, explaining that's the reason they've kept quiet about it all so far. Once they figure out a feasible way to converge the two code lines to produce a single common platform, they'll release the source code to the general public.

Raspberry Pi is a $35 device the size of a credit card with an ARM processor clocked at 700MHz, VideoCore 4 GPU capable of Blu-ray quality playback, 256MB of RAM, two USB ports, and an Ethernet port. There's also a $25 version that does away with Ethernet and drops one of the USB ports.

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