Hewlett-Packard Rolls Out Half a Dozen Updated Ivy Bridge Desktops Starting at $700

Paul Lilly

It's funny to think that Hewlett-Packard came within an inch of selling off or otherwise severing its PC division until Meg Whitman replaced Léo Apotheker as CEO -- who, as BusinessInsider once reported , had "totally lost control of HP" -- and quickly restored order. Had Mr. Apotheker held onto his job, HP would be focusing on software and printers (probably in that order) and wouldn't be rolling out half a dozen new and updated PCs built around Intel's impressive Ivy Bridge architecture.

In the end, HP decided it would be crazy to walk away from PCs, and to help maintain its lead in the worldwide market place, HP added six updated models to its consumer desktop portfolio, each one powered by Intel's 3rd generation Core processor line.

Going in order of price, it starts with the HP Pavilion HPE h8t , a stand-alone desktop that sells for $700. Sitting one peg up is the HPE h8xt for $800. Both the TouchSmart 520xt and Omni 220qd all-in-one desktops start at a grand, the latter with Beats Audio baked in. The HP Pavilion HPE Phoneix h9t ($1,150 and up) and HP Omni 27qd all-in-one PC ($1,200 and up) with a 27-inch display round out the list.

Image Credit: Hewlett-Packard

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