Here's How You Could Get the First Look at Windows 7


Want to be one of the first to spend some hands-on time with Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7? Depending on how determined you are, you can have that chance. Denise Begley, a marketing manager for Microsoft, writes on her MSDN blog pre-beta builds of Windows 7 will be given away to keynote attendees at this year's Professional Development Conference (PDC). Steven Sinofsky, senior VP for Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group, will deliver the keynote on Tuesday, October 28.

Not only will you have to be time-committed to get your hands on Windows 7, but be prepared for a hefty monetary investment too. Full conference (October 27 through 30) registration runs a hefty $2,395, and you can tack on another $400 if you want to attend the pre-conference on October 26th.

Anyone going? Bueller?

Image Credit: Microsoft

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