Here Come the iPad 3 Launch Rumors

Paul Lilly

Apple fans are willingly suffering through long lines today to snag an iPhone 4S, Cupertino's latest and greatest non-iPhone 5 smartphone. Be that as it may, there's already talk of what's next for Apple, though the current chatter is in regards to the next iPad tablet, not the next iPhone. Rumor has it the iPad 3 is going into production as you read this.

AllThingsD had a chat with Susquehanna Financial analyst Jeff Fidacaro, who indicated that an early iPad 3 production run is the reason why his supply checks reveal more fourth quarter iPad builds than previously anticipated.

"Since our last month supply chain checks we are now seeing 600,000 to one million iPad 3 builds showing up on the plan for the fourth quarter of calendar 2011," Fidacaro told AllThingsD. "Our previous estimate did not include any iPad 3s."

What this likely points to is an early 2012 launch for the iPad 3. AllThingsD says the smart money is on March, which is the same month Apple launched the iPad 2.

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