Help Maximum PC's Folding Team Win the Next Chimp Challenge!


Three years ago the MaximumPC Folding Team challenged the team ranked above us in the global folding ladder to a race. Each team picked a folding name and tried to get as many folders as possible to fold for it. The race was to a set amount of total folding points, and team Maximum PC won that first contest. In the contest’s second year, the number of points required to win went up and we lost to the third place team. But as winning points went up again last year, we rose to the challenge and won the Chimp race, as it is called today.

This year, 8 or 9 teams may enter, so the Maximum PC team faces some stiff competition. Each year the race stimulates new interest in teams across the world (Russia, Australia and England joined recently, for example). Two top teams from EVGA and are loaded with new members and challenging our daily production total. In addition, the top ranked team right now, Horde, produces a million more points a day than any other team.

But we still have plenty of time to build our troops before the race begins in early May.

If you are familiar with folding and can help us attempt to make it three out of four, we would appreciate your help in joining our team! Of course, the folding you do will help Stanford's folding project continue to provide free research data into various diseases.

If you are not familiar with folding, stop by the folding section on the MaximumPC forums and the team will be happy to tell you all about it. The race will probably only last 5-10 days, and details are hashed out by all the teams a week or two before the start. If you’re interested at all, head over to our folding section and join the cause!

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