Heads Up: EA Tosses Battlefield 4 on Game Time, Play Free for a Week



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Electronic Arts lost my respect a long time ago when they shutdown the Fighters Anthology lobby and got rid of Janes Combat network. Electronic Arts completely abandoned the janes Combat Sims fanbase. Its funny that they are letting you play BF4 free for a week... what.. so they can get you hooked in hopes you purchase it? This would give a jolt to their playerbase. It would make up for their huge flop when they launched the game. You think we are all stupid EA? Also,take your DRM and stuff it.



I strongly agree with Tetris perspective an facts.

Just out of curiousity though; wondering how big the download is?



No don't be fooled, they have a LONG way to go to be a good guy. You can bet the second any of these online-only games become non-profitable they'll shut them down with no recourse to every play them again.

Also, it's lately been established that Origin is spyware, it scans your system for other programs, encrypts the entries, and reports back:




EA is slowly turning into a "good guy" as a distributor, offering freebies and timed games on a nearly monthly basis. They're really rivaling Steam these days.

If only they'd do better as a developer, though.