HDCP Master Key Leaked, Copy Protection Defeated?

Ryan Whitwam

Word on the street today is that the so-called 'Master Key' to HDCP has been leaked . HDCP is a the copy protection that ensures the uncompressed digital output of devices like Blu-Ray players remain encrypted unless played on an approved HDCP compliant device. If this pans out, that HD stream could be captured quite easily.

All the set top boxes and HDMI-port equipped screens use special encrypt/decrypt keys that are specific to that device. This was seen as the strength of HDCP. If a device is compromised, future content could revoke those keys, making any attempts at copying difficult. If the master key is available, capture devices could be built that could record any uncompressed stream.

Even if this leak is the real deal, it's going to be an underground strategy. The DMCA bans the cracking of copy protection. You won't be picking up a universal HDCP capture device at the store. What's your guess? Is it real?

Image via Techpin

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