HBO On Netflix? Not A Chance, Says HBO

Brad Chacos

Netflix's recent return to profits must have made CEO Reed Hastings a wee bit giddy; buried deep in the company's new earnings report was a paragraph that teased the possibility of a Netflix-HBO partnership. Will we someday be able to stream Game of Thrones ? In a word: no. After the press circulated the speculation yesterday, HBO promptly released a statement squashing the rumor with extreme prejudice.

"We are not in discussions and have no plans to work with Netflix," Reuters reports HBO spokesman Jeff Cusson as saying . Ouch. So there you have it, cord-cutters; don't get your hopes up for on-demand True Blood anytime soon -- at least if you don't have HBO Go. And since you need an HBO subscription to access HBO Go, you wouldn't be a cord cutter if you had it.

HBO's quibbles with Netflix are nothing new, and it isn't limited to streaming video. Earlier this year, HBO stopped giving Netflix a wholesale discount for DVDs of its shows, but only after Hastings publicly identified the premium movie station as Netflix's biggest rival . Oops!

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