Having iPhone 4 Reception Woes? Jury Rig it with Scotch Tape

Paul Lilly

Steve Jobs and the rest of the Cupertino gang have come under fire recently for an issue with the iPhone 4 that causes it to lose reception. The worst part about this is all you have to do to inadvertently knock out the signal is...hold the smartphone. The issue is most prevalent when holding the smartphone a certain way (read: normally) with your left hand, and until that inevitable revision pops out of the Apple camp, the only solution to this so-called " non issue " is to grip the iPhone 4 differently. Or buy a case. Gee thanks.

Well, there's another solution , one which involves two strips of Scotch Tape. In a YouTube video, user "chedacheese" demonstrates how covering the black strip on each side of the iPhone with a strip of tape prevents the signal from dropping out.

"I have used some Scotch Tape to hold onto the sides here, and it actually keeps the signal bars steady," says chedachese in his out-of-focus video. "We've got full signal strength here. We are holding the device in its normal spots, and it is keeping the signal bars pretty steady. It's pretty well taped on the sides. And no other place but on the sides."

You can view the video here , and for those of you tired of the iPhone 4 coverage, perhaps this video will be more to your liking.

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