Haven't Flickred Lately? Time to Log In and Enjoy a New Home Page!


Flickr's rolled out a new home page design that's intended to make it easier to see what's happening with your Flickr account and on Flickr in general.

Here's what's new:

  1. The Your Photostream section now shows your five most recent uploads
  2. Your Photostream also has a toggle to show recent activity (such as comments from friends, your replies, and pictures selected as favorites). Don't want any more comments on a particular item? Click its Mute button.
  3. Click More Recent Activity to see other activity and change activity settings.
  4. The Your Contacts section now shows more photos.
  5. The Your Groups section now shows the most recent photos from your groups.
  6. Want to reduce page clutter? Click the double arrow icon next to a section title to close it, or click it again to open it.
  7. There's now a new Explore module on the home page that displays the latest activities.
  8. The latest entry at the Flickr Blog and the latest Flickr Tip occupy the right margin of the page, along with more ways to use your photos.

Haven't logged in for awhile? I think you'll like the changes. Hit the Comment button and let us know if you agree - or not.

Flickr logo courtesy of Vectorlogo.blogspot.com .

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