Has RIM Agreed to Let India Snoop BlackBerry Email?

Ryan Whitwam

Reports earlier in the day seemed to make it pretty clear that BlackBerry maker RIM had reached an agreement with Indian authorities regarding access to their encrypted email system. The word was that India would get access to encrypted BlackBerry user data if a lawful request was filed. But now RIM is calling those claims false , according to All Things D.

RIM has been in talks with India for the last few months, but says it has no plans to make changes in its security practices at this time. It's been a sticky situation for RIM, which has always tried to adhere to the lawful access laws in all the countries it does business in. Additionally, providing the encryption keys is mostly impossible in the first place, meaning a special system would need to be placed in India for authorities to have access.

This doesn't mean there won't be an agreement. It could be that a government minister just jumped the gun, and RIM will end up capitulating soon enough. How do you think RIM should deal with these ongoing data requests?

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