Harder, Better, Faster, Strong: IBM's Newest Multi-Core Power7

Paul Lilly

IBM earlier this week lifted the wraps on its new Power7 systems designed for a range of applications, including smart electrical grids and real-time analytics for financial institutions, the company said.

The Power7-based servers have been optimized to chew through huge workloads of simultaneous transactions, data handling, analysis, and other related tasks. And according to IBM, customers can expect "dramatic improvements" in the price-to-performance ratios, as well as energy savings and server virtualization. More specifically, IBM claims its new systems can deliver four times the performance and four times the virtualization capability as its predecessor for the same price.

There are four new systems in all, including the IBM Power 750 Express for mid-market clients, IBM Power 755 with 32 Power7 cores, IBM Power 770 modular enterprise system with up to 64 Powe7 cores, and the IBM Power 780, "a new category of scalable, high-end servers, featuring an advanced modular design with up to 64 Power7 cores."

Image Credit: IBM

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