Best Hard Drive Cloning Software



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I recommend you also see this tutorial.



I find people are redundant to purchase software these days, Have you guys ever heard of AOMEI Data Backupper? it also allows you to clone your hdd and it's for free. I found it simple and easy to use

find more info here




I use Acronis True Image 10, I like it so for this price at Amazon I'm getting Acronis True Image 2014 right now!



All I have ever used to clone hard drives is CloneZilla.
I am by no means an 'expert'...but I cloned a drive correctly on the first try when I used this software.
I help run a computer charity in my town where we fix computers and donate them to low income families.
As such I have to do a lot of cloning.
As I mentioned...I got it right on the first try..and cloned a hard drive in 4 minutes 15 seconds.
Our old method (the one they used before i joined) took several hours.




Clonezilla is truly the best piece of software out of all of these. I have used it for myself, and implemented it in the medium size company I work for that once used Acronis. Its not hard to use of you can READ and have half a clue on how this software works.

No other piece of software on this list is as fast or error proof. We used Acronis, and all we had was continually corrupted images and slow speeds. I can reimage a computer in about 20-25 minutes with Clonezilla. From that point I just add it to the domain, have the user login, and fire up updates via the network. Giving the user their PC back in less than 30 minutes in a working state is one of the best things you can do as an IT department. It gets them back to work, and generates huge amounts of goodwill.

I do update images periodically as time allows, which keeps my images up date and requires less patches I need to push. It is the only drawback. I also have a few special cases with software that cannot really be installed via an image or by pushing it, but youll have those special cases with anything.



Any chance we could get an updated score for Macrium Reflect Standard/Pro/Enterprise?

Just kinda strange to throw in a review for the FREE Version ONLY, when the paid for versions have more features that may or may not change the overall score.



I use Acronis True Image 10 at home, and I have yet to have any problems with it. Yeah, it's a bit older, but it gets the job done. In professional environments, however, I would recommend Paragon Hard Disk Manager. Has all the features of Acronis, and then some. The interface requires a bit of know-how to use, but it's probably the best backup and restore solution out there, hands-down.

On another note, I love articles like this and I would love to see more coming down the pipeline. Perhaps you can do a more in-depth article on backups? You could mention different types of backups from differential and incremental, to Grandfather-Father-Son and Tower of Hanoi



I've been using EaseUS Partition Master Free for cloning disks & partitions, as well as resizing partitions.
I actually can't believe they're giving away such a fully featured application for free.



I am using EaseUS TODO Backup Advanced Server 6.1. Backup/Restore System, Partitions, Disks, Emails, Exchange Server, PXE, restore to network and above all, restore systems to dissimilar hardware. You can do Incremental, or Differential or Full backup.

Heck, I restored my system 50GB in less than an hour, the backup image was highly compressed almost half the size using the boot CD that contains Windows PE with EaseUS.

I tried them all, some look good (True Image), compress better like Macrium, but none worked better for me than EaseUS TODO backup to restore to dissimilar hardware.



This from Amazon (responses from 76 users):
Acronis True Image 2014 (DVD)
by Acronis
Platform: Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
2.7 out of 5 stars

CNET Downloads user rating: 3 out of 5 (721 users)
PCMAG 3.5 out of 5 (magazine review)

Which tells me STAY AWAY from this software.
Are you sure you reviewed the same software that these people purchased and used?

Makes me wonder...



I agree and appreciate your sharing it bring wonderful and rewarding, thanks. | |



What kind of idiot writes a review of PAID imaging software against FREE imaging software (Macrium)?



Let me get this straight.

You rate the $50 Acronis True Image 2014 with a Kick-Ass 9.

You rate the $45 Macrium Reflect Standard Edition, oh wait,
you skipped reviewing that, and instead reviewed the Free
Edition and gave it a 6.

Huh? What the hell?

Of course, the fucking Free Edition has less than the paid
version! Why the fuck didn't you spring for the $45 and
give a proper review of Macrium Reflect Standard Edition?

Instead you show me an apples to oranges comparison of a paid
version vs the free edition of a competitor, and you think
this is a worthy comparison suitable for MaximumPC readers?

Macro, this is an incredibly stupid, boneheaded, dumb-ass
fuck-tarding, brain-dead mistake. Go to your room.



Excessive profanity aside, I second all of this. At my workplace we ditched Acronis for Reflect Pro when it came time to re-up our license.

Not to entirely crap on Acronis, but several annoyances and bugs were solved by the change, and I'd never go back even if they were the same cost (Reflect is less expensive).

You goofed here, MaxPC.



I've had good luck with Paragon Disc Management.



dd is simple, handy and the best i/o cloning utility.



How many of those would be suitable for forensic imaging, I wonder?



None of them. Forensic imaging relies on an entirely different set of techniques such as track by track and sector by sector examination, as well as write protection of the original media. This requires a different set of tools, sometimes including specifically built hardware to stream data off of a drive without utilizing any sort of intermediate caching that could destabilize or over-write the original.


Leo Scott

None, because they only copy the digital data not the slightly off track data that has been erased that can be recovered. Preventing that type of "forensic" recovery is what multipass erase techniques are for.



I wont say Acronis is the best but you are wrong with the statements above. Acronis does copy sector by sector and track if you select those options in the cloning process. They are separate and not default standard in a disk cloning job.

We use it at work, not for Forensic analysis but system mirroring for our classrooms. Cant say more then that. Its good software, but plenty of free stuff out there that is equally as good or better depending on your needs.