Hard Drive Shortages and Higher Prices Confirmed Due To Flooding in Thailand

Maximum PC Staff

A few days ago we were speculating, along with the rest of the web, that the massive flooding in Thailand could end up playing havoc with the mechanical drive industry. New images of Western Digital’s flagship production facility j ust barely above water have surfaced (no pun intended), along with dire predictions from CEO John Coyne. According to Coyne, the water damage will result in significantly reduced hard drive supplies going into 2012.

CRN is reporting that hard drive prices are already beginning to spike in distribution channels, and OEM’s are likely to be the hardest hit. Apple CEO Tim Cook claims they are already planning around possible shortages, and a Dell Spokesperson confirmed the same.

Head on over to thisismynext.com for more photos of the devastation.


Maximum PC’s focus is on the technology impact of this disaster, but as always, our thoughts go out to everyone impacted by the tragedy.

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