Hard Drive Shortage Takes Toll on Motherboard Market

Paul Lilly

Woe is you if your hard drive gives up the ghost, and not just because of the hassle involved with restoring data from your backups (because you are backing up your files, right?). The other reason it sucks to lose a hard drive right now is because recent flooding in Thailand hit HDD makers pretty hard, resulting in a shortage, which itself has resulted in higher prices. Unfortantely, the trickle down effect doesn't stop there.

Industry sources tell DigiTimes that the HDD shortage is also having a negative impact on fourth quarter motherboard shipments. We're not talking about just a small dent, either. Overall, fourth quarter motherboard shipments are expected to decrease up to 15 percent.

Gigabyte in particular is on pace to end the year on a sour note. The company's Q4 motherboard shipments could see a decline as high as 25 percent. Asus, meanwhile, expects motherboard shipments to drop from 6,3 million in the third quarter to 6 million in the fourth, while MSI, ECS, and ASRock are each bracing for a drop of at least 10 percent.

Image Credit: Asus

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