Hard Drive Prices Expected to Rise Due to Flooding

Paul Lilly

Need more storage space? If you don't fancy yourself a gambler, it's a good idea to shop hard drives now rather than roll the dice that prices for mechanical storage will stay dirt cheap. The flooding in Thailand hit the hard drive industry pretty hard and it's now expected that HDD prices will go up as component costs rise and inventory gets low.

According to DigiTimes , all hard drive makers are affected by this, including Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, and Toshiba. The flooding has also washed through the factories of several supply chain component makers, which has a trickle down effect. New reports suggest it will take longer than initially anticipated to resume production at previous levels, or at any level at all. With that in mind, DigiTimes' sources are confident prices will go up starting in November.

Demand for HDDs has fallen flat in recent months because of the demand for tablet PCs, but is suddenly picking up as HDD makers worry about the flood causing shortages.

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