Haptics Enthusiast Hacks a Touchscreen Into an HP Mini 1000

Maximum PC Staff

While the concept of a touchscreen netbook mod isn’t entirely new, it didn’t stop somebody from adding one to an HP Mini 1000 . A modder named only as timm.mccoy (but vocally self-referred to as Brian Tim in his video) of the MyHPMini forums added a 10.2-inch resistive touchscreen to his machine, turning it into a pint-sized tablet.

As with most touchscreen mods, the touchscreen panel itself has been put between the LCD and the display bezel, and outputs to a USB connection. That connection is then plugged into an internal USB port (usually the one occupied by the machine’s webcam), and boom – a touchscreen netbook is born.

If you’re interested in seeing more, be sure to check out a video of the machine here .

Image Credit: timm.mccoy

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