Happy Pi Day, Mathematician Geeks!

Paul Lilly

Mmm, pie. Oh wait, not that kind of Pi.

In case your calendar app's busted, today is March 14, otherwise written 3/14 or 3.14. What we're trying to say is, it's Pi Day! It's a day to celebrate the mathematical constant Pi , if you're into such numbers geekery. And if not, use it as an excuse to cheat on your diet and feast on an assortment of pies. That's what the students at Caltech in Pasadena did last night at 1:59 AM.

There were 26 pies in each of five varieties, all of which was by design of course, according to the Los Angeles Times . That's because the first digits of Pi are 3.14159265. Get it?

It's not all celebration and feasting on sugary desserts. For ACT, an international grassroots advocacy and education organization representing over 5,000 small and mid-size app developers and IT firms, Pi Day highlights the need for more math, science, and computer science education.

"The median salary for a software developer now exceeds $90,000. Our nation's classrooms should be producing graduates capable of pursuing the degrees needed for these jobs. Sadly, that is not happening," Morgan Reed, Executive Director of ACT, said in a statement . "Tens of thousands of high-paying tech jobs remain unfilled because our country is not graduating enough engineers and computer scientists to qualify for these positions.

"In order for the United States to retain its competitive edge in the tech industry, we need to rely less on students from abroad and more on homegrown talent," Reed added. "That will only happen if we make significant improvements in math, science, and computer education. Congress earlier recognized the importance of these curricula when it passed a Pi Day resolution. What's now needed is a far greater commitment to improve education of these core subjects in our nation's schools."

All in good time, Mr. Reed. But for now, we just want to celebrate. Need ideas? NetworkWorld posted an article outlining 10 ways to celebrate Pi Day. Alternately, why not splurge on a Raspberry Pi ?

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