Happy Halloween, Maximum PC-style


Given the success of our previous Companion Cube pumpkin carving, and seeing as Wednesday was That-Day-When-You-Dress-Up-And-Bob-For-Apples, I thought I'd share with you, our intrepid readers, exactly how we celebrate Halloween here at Maximum PC.  While the subject of the costumes might not be original, I'd like to think that we pulled off the look fairly picture-perfectly.  Minus Butters' lack of an oversized belt --  way to go, man.

From left to right: Butters as the Medic, Will as the "Sniper," PC Gamer's Norm the Intern as the Scout, and yours truly as the Sniper.

Were there a blue team nearby, they would be served good by this amazing crew of dedicated, Team Fortress 2 enthusiasts.  Unless they had a heavy and an Uber-charged Medic, that is.  We'd be totally screwed.

Elsewhere at Future US, Maximum PC's parent company, there were a number of almost-as-awesome-but-not-quite outfits.  My personal favorite was Charlie Brown, complete with a multi-hole ghost outfit and dedicated speech balloon.  Well done, good sir.

Intrepid readers of our sister publications might recognize Official Xbox Magazine's Dan "Who you gonna call" Amrich and.  Well.  That's about it.  Party on, Wayne.

Another shot of the entire gang, complete with a pose from the "Best Male Costume" winner -- Buddy the Elf -- and "Best Female Costume," the pirate.

The staff of Pregnancy Magazine dressed up as... pregnant women.  Next year, the Maximum PC editors plan to go as hardworking technology enthusiasts.

No Halloween festivity would be complete without ninjas.  Many, many ninjas.  Although they deliver their food quite rapidly , so we couldn't complain.

The Maximum PC +1 crew ended up wearing these outfits to Wednesday's Hellgate: London launch party.  They were a complete and total success.  At the relatively brief end of the otherwise loud, packed-like-sardines experience, a grand total of two women and one dude recognized that I was the Team Fortress 2 sniper.  One of said women, to my eternal delight, commented that I was the best looking sniper of all the sniper costumes she had previously seen.

If that's not a win, I don't know what is.  Well, maybe the one person who thought Norm the Scout was... Mario.  Sigh.

Hey Readers: If you have any pictures of your awesome, computer/game/whatever-themed costumes, post them in the comments!  Give me enough entries, and I'll write a follow-up that highlights the most awesome of the awesome outfits!

Hey Readers #2: For higher resolution pictures (perfect for your desktop wallpaper!), check out my Flickr stream .  I would normally just post the high-res shots as links in this post, but our official Maximum PC Team Fortress 2 match starts in 8 minutes, and we need a sniper!

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