Happy 15th, Opera!

Paul Lilly

A lot has changed in the browser landscape over the past 15 years, including some, like Netscape Navigator, going by the wayside. During that time, Opera has grown into one of the most web compliant browsers around, was one of the first to implement tabbed browsing, and introduced mouse gestures way back in 2001.

"Geir and I knew the web would forever change how people live, work, and play -- the web browser would be the tool to enable that transformation," said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera. "Today, I am humbled by what our company, together with the worldwide community of Opera users, has achieved. In the next 15 years, billions of people will jon the web. I am confident we will give them even more reasons to choose Opera."

Outside of the desktop, Opera has been used in both the Nintendo DS and on the Wii. A mobile version of the browser -- Opera Mobile -- has also found a home on several smartphones and PDAs, as well as Opera Mini being used on many mobile phones.

You can read more about what makes Opera tick in our recent Browser Battle feature, right after you wish it a happy 15th birthday.

Image Credit: Zazzle

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